Knoxcon and Toonami


Better than a trail of bread crumbs

I recently went to another anime convention. Not Another Anime Convenion I mean another anime convention from last time. This little gem of a con was called Knoxcon which was named after the county the con was held in for some reason. This is one of the cons you don’t go to for a good con; you go to it to watch the train wreck. Anyone you knew a little bit about running cons knew this wouldn’t be very good. First they announced themselves only about two or so months before the con. Secondly their webiste is a rip off of Matsuricon’s. Third they out right stole Ohayocon’s cosplay contest rules, which they did eventually change though. Basically I had no faith in the con being very good. I had low expectations and they disappointed me.


Now you, and several people I met at the con, might be asking me why did you go? Well first I wanted to see the VAs they did get Johnny Yong Bosch, Stephie Sheh, and Derek Stephen Prince; it was actually close to where I have family so I got to see them and have a place to sleep for free, and they let me do my Toonami: 10 Year Plus panel.


Toonami panel


I got to do the panel in this small but nice little lecture hall/theater at the athletic center the con was held at. Unlike last time when I wasn’t able to get a projector or speakers to show the videos I had and had to just show things off my laptop this time I was able to show the videos on a large screen. All who attended were impressed and I really think the big screen was loved, even if the lower quality files had their little flaws blown up. It still rocked.


The attendees were mostly younger kids in their teens, one girl was 11, but they were still big Toonami fans even of the older stuff. Actually they like most of us enjoyed weekday Toonami best.


I got to give my spill on IGPX, I love that show. Explained about the shows history and went over the original mircoseries, someone had asked about there being two different versions. I gave a little bit about the plot and talked about the VAs that worked in it and general went on about how cool it was and they should all watch it. I got Stephine who did two voices for the series to sign one of my DVDs for the show. Just thought I’d put that out there.


We watched several of Toonami’s old promos for shows (Gundam Wing, Outlaw Star) and talked about how great these were. One person put it, ‘you’d watch them till you knew every line.’


I gave a little run down about the music on Toonami. Talked about Joe Boyd Vigil, DJ Clarknova, Ninja Tune, and DJ Calius. Played a little bit of the Black Hole Megamix for them. Looked for the ‘fusizzle’ line form Peter, couldn’t find. Later I tried to fine some lines that were done by Derek to play for him, but couldn’t find them either.


One of the girls in attendance talked about to her the ‘iconic’ Toonami shows were Yu Yu Hakashu and Reunin Kenshin. I laughed cause to me these were ‘johnny come lately’ to the block after the true iconic period. While I lamented on how old I felt I was informed that I while I was ‘old ‘ I was also ‘awesome,’ which did make me feel better.




One of the topics that came up in the middle of the panel that we went over was anime over American cartoons. Basically all there agreed that anime was much better than what we get home grown over here. Even our best doesn’t stack up to their best. As I put it, ‘what do we have that compares to Cowboy Beebop artistically, action wise, maturity wise, and story wise.’ If you can think one of let me know cause I’m interested.


Went over the hosts. Gave the quick run down of them and their time on the block. Told them about the Voice, Peter Cullen, and got some shocked and some ‘oh I hear it now’ responses.


The topic of video game reviews came up and I played the Morrowind review. This is a really go one cause of the interplay of TOM and Sara, TOM’s attitude, and the review it’s self. We mostly just laughed at TOM’s snarkyness in this one, rather than really talk about video game reviews other than they don’t do them anymore.


The comparison of Toonami on weekdays and just on Saturday was talked about. Basically I summed it up like this; ‘Toonami was coming home from school everyday and sitting in from the TV for three hours watching the same episodes of Gundam Wing, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Reboot, Ronin Warriors, and whatever other show was there you’d seen ten times all ready and then sitting through the commercials to see your favorite promo or music videos. You just can’t get the same feeling from just having it on Saturday nights.’ Again another well received rant.


I brought up Andrew’s article on the shows that Toonami saved. I gave a quick run down on them and explained why they were in the list. This help us go into both Sailor Moon and Reboot discussions as well.






Well that’s all I can remember form the panel, but I do kind of try and block that weekend from my mind.




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  1. dreadpiraterose Says:

    Thanks for linking to my blog! I really enjoyed this con write up. 🙂

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