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Convention Game: Punch the Vash

January 31, 2009

Theres a little game I like to play when I go to conventions. I learned it from my older brother, who was told of it by his friend that invented it. It’s called ‘Punch the Vash.’


My brother’s friend was at a con and needed to kill some time, so while waiting in the lobby he decided to punch every Vash the Stampede cosplayer he saw. Not punch them hard enough to hurt them or anything just enough to make them stop and wonder what was going. When they stop he’d just say ‘nice costume.’ Since hearing about it I’ve taken to playing this game as well. Oh and by the way drinking was involved in the invention of the game.  Just thought I’d put that out there. 


It’s actually a lot of fun to do; it messes with people easily.  You just walk up to a Vash give him, or her sometimes, a little tap and say either ‘nice costume’ or just walk off without saying anything.  I’m not sure which causes more confusion, just walking off or complimenting their costume.  It’s a strange conversation started and the reactions you get, from total confusion to laughing with you about it are priceless.


Playing this game I’ve gotten to see a lot of different Vashs cosplayers out there. I’ve seen female Vash, dark Vash, Vashs’ with Kuroneko-sama, with and without his gun, with two guns, with glasses, solo Vash, Vash with other cosplayers from Trigun, Vash with cosplayers from other series, Vash with and with out blonde hair sticking up.

Now I don’t always get a photo of the Vash, but I do try and get one obligatory Vash pic per con at least. Also do you know what the most common Vash pose is?


The best reaction I’ve gotten from one of the Vashs was one who ran out of the hotel lobby when I walked towards him, fist raised slightly. He came back in and he ran back out two more times before he finally made it past me and I didn’t feel like giving chase. He was saying stuff like “the bounty’s not worth it” and “I’m not the real Vash.” I caught up to him later when he was sitting in a circle with some others drawing. Gave him a small tap and walked off.

For all those who feel like playing in this little game I’ve created a form to help keep track of Vashs you’ve punched. I’ve created this to help me remember which ones I’ve done cause there are times I see a Vash and can’t remember if I’ve punched him or not yet. I sometimes hold my fist in mid air while I try and remember if I’ve punched this one yet.   So usually I give them a punch just to be sure I got them.   


Convention: ____________________________ Time: _________

Date: __________Location: ______________________

Description: _____________________________________________ Reaction:__________________________________________________


Gaming Resolutions for the Coming Year

January 12, 2009

I’ve decided to join the RPG Blog Carnival this month. A blog carnival is where bloggers work on the same theme or topic for a month and share them with each other. This month’s topic is from UncleBear, and he’s selected New Year Gaming Goals and Resolutions. So here are my gaming goals for this coming year.

    Gaming Resolutions for the New Year


1. Work on creating my own system

I’ve had an idea for a dual class based system set in a medieval style land that encourages you to role play your character and develop him as a person not just some one to fight. My idea is the rules aren’t forcing you to flush out your character as a whole, just has some optional rules to help you do that and does stuff to makes it so isn’t a hindrance to you. I’m also trying to figure out the magic system where each of the magic classes are based on a different element.

I’ve got some work done on it, but still needs a lot more. I really hope this might be the one system I actual finish. All my previous attempts just kind of drop off.

2. Get to go to more conventions. I haven’t been to before

Of been to a number of conventions over the past few years. Though most of them have been anime. The only gaming ones I’ve been to have been Charcon and Origins. I want to get out and go to more. Meet new people, try new games, buy stuff I can’t find, and stuff like that. I already have a few in mind so I’ll have to see what I can make it to.

3. Write some game reviews for this blog.

One of my goals for this blog is to right reviews on stuff. I figure it will mostly be conventions, with some anime and manga through in, but I also want to review games. Mostly anime inspired or related ones. To kind of show them off to other people.

4. Game more

With my work schedule I don’t get to have much time to myself. It’s reason I haven’t gotten to post to much this blog just yet. Hopefully when work clears up I can do more gaming and post more on here. I need to get into a group that plays. I know a few around where I live, but I haven’t been able to join them for most of their gameing. I going to have to start looking for a group on my own I guess. If I get to more cons I can play more there, but I want a regular crew to game with.

5. Read the rules for the games I have on my computer

I have a somewhat large collection of free rpgs and modules on my computer. Most of them I haven’t read or just skimmed through, I really need to sit down and go through them.  See what’s worth keeping and what’s not. 

Well there are my goals. Come this December I’ll let you know how I faired.

If you want to join the carnival all you have to do is make a post about this month’s theme, then leave a comment of the started post for the month (here), with a link back to your own. At the end of the month the host will write a round up of all the post and then someone else will pick a topic for the next month. That’s all.

I wonder if it’s a Gundam….

January 5, 2009

I first saw this sign a few years ago while walking around town. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. It’s for a garage and is referring to the fact that they have a mechanic at the show, but to anime, gameing, and sci-fi fans it sounds like they have a mech walking around for security. It’s still there and I still smile when ever I see it.