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Code Geass: Brought to you by Coke

February 18, 2009

I felt like at least making some kind of post on here, so here’s another pic. This one I found at the ASF. It’s an Adult Swim media archive. Mostly they just have videos, opening and closing credits, promos, and stuff like that; but since they don’t have any for Code Geass the webmaster has apparently decided to use the picture as place holder for now.  I thought it was so funny that I made it my wallpaper.

For those of you who are not familiar with Code Geass, allow me to explain it for you.

On the left we have a picture of a Coke Zero and Lelouch Lamperouge. Lelouch is the main character from Code Geass, I wouldn’t use the term hero or even protagonists for him, who gains the power to control others with his eye power Geass. With it he forms a revolutionary/terrorists group the Black Knights to fight the British Empire and free Japan, called Area 11. Oh yeah this series takes place in an alliterative future of the world. To lead this group and remain safe he takes on the masked identify of Zero. 

Next we have a Coke C2. The green haired girl under the bottle is the one who gave the power of Geass to Lelouch. She then becomes his accomplice, confidant, and nuance. He name is C.C. Pronounced C2. She’s also a huge pizza fan. 

Then it’s a Coke Orange above Jeremiah Gottwald. He’s a member of the British Army who is one of the first to face Zero. Unfortunately in their first face to helmet meeting Zero calls him ‘Orange-boy’ to make it seem they have had some prior dealings. Then he used his Geass to make Jeremiah let him escape leading to his total disgrace in the military. 

Finally a Diet Coke with Diethard Reid. He was a news producer working with the British Empire till Zero appears. Joining the Black Knights wishing to document Zero’s rise to power and the over throwing of Britian. 

Well that was fun little post.