Colossalcon part 2: Friday

Well I’m a day late, but at least I’ve done it.

That’s all I really care about. The con got started early on Friday though I didn’t. Got to go to several panels and guest Q&As and sent my time in between them getting food, cruising the halls, checking out the vendors room, and getting some autographs.  The autographs moved pretty well on this day; not to long, they moved at a good speed, and people weren’t rushed through.

Expand Your Collection on a Budget: The first panel I made it to the day was ‘Expand Your Collection on a Budget’ about ways of finding anime cheaply. The guy running it some good pointers about sharing with friends, places online to order from, and certain stores where you could find some good deals with. I helped to share abut using Big Lots to find stuff at; as well as list a bunch of different websites where companies have been putting stuff up online for free. Gundam with Brad Swaile: First guest panel of the day I got to see was ‘Gundam with Brad Swaile’ who has done work in Gundam Wing, Mobile Suit Gundam, Gundam SEED, and Gundam 00. He answered a lot of Gundam related questions and others about voice acting. He’s a very interesting guy, bit of nerd which is cool. He’s collected models of all the different mobile suits his characters pilot, which is pretty cool. How to

Anime RPG: I was only able to stop for a little bit in this panel since I had to get some stuff for my own panel, but I wish I had gotten to see it all. The panelists discussed combining anime and table top role playing, two things I love very much. I got the feeling he knew quite a bit, I so wish I could have picked his brain some more.

American VAs; A Fan’s Perspective: This was one of my panels; it was bad, so bad I’m ashamed of myself. I apologize to wasting everyone’s time who was there. I hadn’t planned out the panel to much; mostly I was kind of hoping to play off the audience, but I didn’t get much from them. The only good part was playing ‘who would you cast in a new dub of Sailor Moon.’ The was kind of fun.

Shin-chan: Next event was Q&A seesions with Laura Bailey, Travis Willingham, and Chuck Huber. Another great session with lot of questions about their work on Shin-chan and other projects. I got several of my questions about Shin-chan answered, like ‘have you every felt ashamed of the lines you had to do.’ Answer, yes. Got to learn Chuck loved doing drunk Hiro and saying ‘crustival,’ a festival of crust. Travis’ role on Shin-chan was the only time he had to stop while reading lines and ask what in the world he just said.

Comics vs. Manga: Kind of quircky take on the subject of American comics verse Japanese manga. Talked about the differences in art, story, the culture of comics in both countries, and how it is put out. Went over crossover of both, like Batman being done by the Japanese. The neatest part of it was where we would pick a person from manga and person from comics and then debate who would win in a fight. I did think the moderator was kind of condescending at a few parts during the panel, not so much when she told some of the annoying people to stop talking but take the moment that if you hadn’t seen Paradise Kiss “they sucked” this isn’t really the attitude one should have when leading a panel, even as a joke.

Death Note Q&A: Yes another panel with Brad. This one focused more on his role as Light in Death Note. He opened the panel by playing the first opening theme of the show on his guitar; well done. There were a lot of questions about what he would do with a Death Note if he had one (leave it where he found it), his thoughts on the end of the series (he had a hard time recording it he was so emotional about it), and about the live action movies. Besides having to do the ‘potato chip’ line again, he also gave one of Light’s mad laugh using a picture of Light’s face on a stick to hide how ridiculous he looked doing it. The best part of the laugh was where he turned around and spun the picture around which had Light’s face turned upward which he held over his shoulder. Hard to describe but really funny to see.

Crack Anime: My other panel of the day, about weird anime. I mean stuff fans of anime find weired. I spent a little bit talking about what qualifies as ‘crack anime’ and where I go the term from. Then we spent the rest of time naming some different series which we could call ‘crack.’. A lot of fun strangely. I even kept tracking of what we had named my computer and then projected onto a screen Learned some new titles I hadn’t heard before and got some new intereste in some I had heard but haven’t seen yet. We had to debate a few, but usually Of course I’m still upset by the little girl who said Prince of Tennis was crack anime and ordered me to add it to the list. I’ve provided the list to look over. I’m sure I’ve misspelled most of them by the way.
List of Crack Anime
1.Excell Saga
4.Blue Gender
5.Prince of Tennis
6.Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi
7.Puni Puni
8.Mushroom Samba of Cowboy Beebop
9.Haruhi-chan Sumumiya
11.Cat’s Soup
12.Axis Powers Hetalia
13.Serial Experiment Lain
16.Puni Papa Dash
19.Magical Play
20.Ghost Stories (English Dub)
22.Ninja Nonesense
23.Cromarti High School
24.Paranoia Agent
25.Dead Leaves
26.Daikan Brothers
28.Mermaid Melody
29.Fighting Foodons
31.Dual Master
32.Samurai Pizza Cats
33.Pawua Island
34.R Juneah


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