Pittsburgh Comic Con Review 3


Spent the morning tracking down a few last autographs. My Handbook of the Marvel Universe got a few more names in it with a few of the pencilers from sign their work in it; Michael Golden, Mike Grell, Rob Frenz, I got a Neil Vokes to sign my copy of The Wicked West and bought a copy of the second volume of it. Then I had to spend more time hunting more autographs cause several of the people at the con had also worked on that one.


Spent some time going through comic boxes. I got a whole lot more single issue manga comics, Batgirls, Excailbur, Marvel Comics Atlas, and a bunch more eclectic comics. Also picked up a copy of the board game Flat Acting from Eye Level Entertainment about competing movies.


I also went and got sketch cards from some artist. This is my first time getting these and I really like them. I got some interesting ones.

Green Lantern Kyle Rayner from Darrly Banks, his creator

Hawkman from Alex Saviuk; I had asked for a Spider-man since he’s done a lot of work with him, but he kind of asked for something else, test him a bit

Nightwing from Wayne Faucher

Spider-man drinking a soda by Chris Moreno

a short little doddle by Beau Smith

female samurai by Mike Okamoto

One Donald Duck’s nephews by Patrick Block

A weird west cowboy by Neil Vokes

Scar from Fullmetal Alchemist by the same art who did the Major on aluminum

Solty from Solty Rei by Adam Stoak; real fun story here, I had seen some prints he had done of the characters from Solty Rei and asked a sketch card of Solty; he was so amazed that I knew who she was that he went all out for the card, even coloring it


Got my tickets for the final quick sketch, but instead of hanging around a I went to the Anime 101 panel. It was presented by the Star Wars Club, which is really a multi-fandom club and not just Star Wars. The two presenters did a really good job. They presented a good basics of anime; talking about different genres and common elements that you usually see when watching anime. Their actual presentation was short, but the rest of the panel was filled with them, some of the other attendees, and myself just talking about different anime related topics.


I got back to catch the tail end of the Quick Sketch. They had fifteen artist for this one. During this one Chris Moreno and Rob Reily went back and forth drawing the other one in embarrassing pictures. Chris did Rob cleaning Superman’s gutters (called Rob Reily Superman’s pal) and one of Dr. Doom making him dance in a tutu (which my mom one). Rob did Chris is puppet declaring Rob the greatest.

My mom won four pieces in this quick sketch. One was of Rouge giving a massage to Gambit, well actually it was the after piece where he had turned into a skeleton. She tried to trade with the guy who had won one where she was just giving a massage before he’s a skeleton, but he didn’t really want to. So she traded another one of her’s for two of his’. She ended up with getting a sketches of Captain Platypus (which she had suggested to the artists) and one of Dr. Horrible.


Caught the tail end of the costume contest just to hear a few of the winners, which I forget all that I heard now. There were a number of really cool costumes.



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