Tsubasacon Review

I went to Tsubasacon back on the 9-11th of October in Huntington, West Virginia. It’s sort of my ‘home convention’ seeing it’s just down the road from where I live and I’ve been to all of them.  Also, the fact that I’ve work as a volunteer or staff every of it too. Anyone going do a write-up about it. Won’t do the usually sort of write-up seeing as being staff kind of skews my view and since I worked most of the con I missed most of it. I’ll just talk about what I did get to go see and do.

Vendor Room

Spent most of my time here being the Vendor Head and all. I really feel proud of the work I did here. Instead of just posting the vendor contract online and doing things ‘fist come first served,’ we decided what type of products we wanted to be sold, figured out what vendors we knew who had those things, and then just asked those people and sent them the contract. The result was a nicely varied room. It was also spaced out so there wasn’t a real crowd control issue. And as with all cons I go to, I learned a little bit more about doing things better for next.


This year’s guests included comic creator Jen Lee Quick. This is her third year coming to the con and each year I’ve seen more of her stuff. This past year I had found at a comic show some old ‘Amerimanga’ magazines that she had a story of her’s in it. I waited the whole year to get her to sign in it and then forgot it at home. One of the vendors had a copy of one of the magazine’s, so I just picked up an extra copy.

This year also saw the return of Lisa Furukawa; singer, songwriter, musician. She performs a number songs, in English and Japanese, both her own original works as well a few songs from anime, like Bleach, Cowboy Beebop, and Ghost in the Shell.

Voice Actors Leah Clark and Darrel Guilbeau. I’m a big fan of Leah’s work, considering she does the voice one of my favorite characters in one of my favorite animes; Eri Sawachika in School Rumble. Darrel I didn’t really know his works till like a week before the con did I really bother to look at what he had done and see what his projects had been.

Finally webcomic creator Gina Biggs. I started reading her webcomic Red String a few months ago when she was announced as guest and quickly got hook on it. It’s a sweet and funny little love story. It really feels like some mangas I’ve enjoyed in the past.

Friday’s Voice Actor Q&A

Not a lot of people at this one, not surprising since it was so early in the con. I got to ask a few question to the two VAs and got some responses.

Cosplay Cafe

The con did a little cafe set up at the hotel next door. They served a few simple to make foods and dressed up maids and waitress for it. The attempt was to kind of be like a maid cafe in Japan. I’ve read a bunch about these places, blame it on my interest in the Maid RPG, so when I walked up to it and no one said “welcome home master” my hopes and dreams were dashed a little. Also, maybe cause there wasn’t a lot of people there, but I didn’t really know which one was my waitress. I kind of got served by all of them at some point. The food was nice, though the tea was way to hot and I ended up taking it with me waiting for it to cool down.

All and all to me it was just a quick bite to eat with a few cosplayers around. Easily able to become something more though.

The Toonami Generation

My 7th Toonami panel to date and my longest to boot. Finally was given more than an hour to do my thing. I’ve constantly ended my past panels talking about how I could go for hours or days talking about Toonami. During this panel I kept looking at the clock and trying to figure out what next to talk to. I was tired I guess. It started as standing room only, but as things went on people left and it thinned out a bit.

Strangely I didn’t show as many of the videos as I have in the past; we talked a bit more than usual. I liked that, just felt like I had wasted time downloading everything though. Oh well. Had a lot of good moments during the panel. Opened the panel by showing the classic 2 minute long  pre=”long “>Gundam Wing promo.  Then went into discussion on the hosts, the crowd favored Moltar more than past panels, neat.  Yelled at a guy for selling his Ronin Warriors action figures to make room for a Megas XLR figure. Told him he should have just stacked them on top of each other.  Talked about shows we thought should have been on.  Talked about Hamtaro and it’s place in Toonami.  Kind of upset the crowd that I didn’t know which track of Black Hole Mega Mix has Peter ‘The True Prime’ Cullen going “fizziel.” 

Personally I was happy with it and will continue to do Toonami panels for as long as I can. 

Red String

A panel by guest artist Gina Biggs about her webcomic Red String. She talked about the development of the story and her plans for it. Unfortunately I hadn’t read all the way through what she’s posted on-line so I was lost on a few of the characters and storylines she went over. It just made me want to read more though. Told us about some of her extreme fans on her forums, personal things that she’s gone through while working on it, and asked us what we thought about it. All and all she put on a good panel.

Leah Clark Q&A

I went to half of Leah Clark’s solo panel, cause I had to get back to the vendor room to close it down for the day, but I had fun while I was there. Not to many people who just created that close-knit feeling that I like.

She talked about how she go into the business of voice acting, some of her roles, and thoughts on the subject.  She mentioned that she the voice she used for Nodaka in Negima was based on the voice she used for a sheep in play.  She told how she was originally cast as Mitsuki in Rumble Hearts, but was switched over to Akane since they didn’t have anyone else for that role.  She had really like that role too, personally from what I’ve seen I don’t like the character myself. 

My one complaint about her was she didn’t know who Wendee Lee was, and if you don’t you probably don’t care about anything else in this post. 

Manga Story Development

A panel by Jen Lee Quick talking about tips for writing stories. She asked people who were trying to work on their own stories what problems they were having and giving them advice and encouragement. Kind of a nice panel, but for whatever reason didn’t get the creative juices flowing in myself as much as I had hoped.

Lisa Furukawa Saturday Concert

Lisa has been to three Tsubsasacons. At each one she does a concert on Friday and Saturday. I always miss the Friday working for the con or doing something else, but I do make the Saturday ones. I’ve been a big fan of her’s since I first got to hear her. She does beautiful songs in both Japanese and in English. I had one person tell me she wasn’t going to the Saturday concert cause her songs made her cry they were so good.

Once again I got to hear her sing. She did some stuff from her new album along with old favorites. The neatest thing was when she sang the opening to Aqua Teen Hunger Force in Japanese. Apparently she had a concert after a panel they were doing at a con in Florida, so she sang the song as they left. They really liked it. We also got to do a little sing along with her as she did ‘Country Roads’ in Japanese.  Always a crowd favorite at Tsubasacon.


10 Cons Per Year

I checked this panel out for a little bit. It was by a group out of Kentucky who organizes con trips. They gave a lot of good tips on picking, planning, packing, and enjoying cons with groups. Most of the stuff was either stuff I know and/or do already. They did have a few tips to offer. The main thing I needed that they didn’t really go over was how to form a group to go to cons like they do.


A panel about Jen’s manga Off*Beat that was put out by Tokyopop. Besides myself there was only one other guy there, so it was pretty relax. She didn’t even sit behind a table, just joined us in the audience. We talked about the story and the characters of the story, plus some of her other works. Very nice to hear more about what she likes to write; she’s more of a fantasy writer than high school drama, which is what Off*Beat was.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Fan Panel

Another of my panels. I’m a big fan of Code Geass, so I decided to do a panel on it. I had a couple of people show up who fans of the show, one who had only seen a few episodes, and some people who just seemed to be hanging out in the room.

Wasn’t as planned for this one as I’d like. I was able to keep things moving by brining up different topics;least and most favorite moments, what kind of geass would they want, shipping opinions. Got some debate on things from the show and discussion went on nicely through out for the full hour.

Anime Tropes

My last panel and the last panel of the con. This was done right up against the closing of the vendor room on Sunday, not real good planning but it worked out. I almost hoped people wouldn’t show up so I could go back to helping all of them pack up and leave but people showed up. It worked out well. I was given more time than I really needed, so I took a few quick breaks to check on things.

For those who don’t know what a trope is, the best explanation I can give is tropes are devices and conventions that a writer can reasonably rely on as being present in the audience members’ minds and expectations.

I got the idea for this panel while wasting time looking around TVTropes.org. I just thought this was a great break down about anime, film, literature, games, and more that I just wanted to share. I went over different genres, settings, character types, ensemble types, and general anime tropes. I think a taught a few them a couple of things, so that the next time they’re watching a show they’ll go ‘hey that’s a (fill in blank).’

Sketch Cards

I got a few new sketch cards as well. 

Reika of Red String by Gina Biggs

 of Soul Union, an old comic by Jen Quick

Bought a pre made one from the daughter of the creator of Akashik.  A comic I’ve come to like really like and hope to see at more artist alleys in the future.

John, the owner of Fast Food Anime, who has written a manga called Otaku Antics, was doing ‘Bad Drawings’ on Saturday before the rave for a quarter.  I got one of a mech.  It was indeed a bad drawing.   

Cosplay at the Con
Most common series cosplayed I saw: Soul Eater
Common series cosplayed:  Final Fantasy, Bleach, Naruto, Death Note,  and Kingdom Hearts
Cool rare cosplays: Desert Punk, Cheese-kun from Code Geass/Japanese Pizza Hut, Yuko of XXXholic

Punch the Vash Report

Convention: _Tsubasacon_ Time: _about 10:30 am_ Date: _10/10/09_

Location: _Outside vendors room along artist alley in front of  Description: _really he was just kind of wearing the Vash coat , but still had to give him a punch    Reaction: _Just kind of game me a look over his shoulder as he went by

Convention: _Tsubasacon_ Time: _about 10:35am_ Date: _10/10/09

Location: _right inside the vendor room door_ Description: _average cosplay not much to really say    Reaction: _again just a quick look before he moved on


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