Charcon Review

I went to the local gaming con, CharCon, back on the of October, but with how slow I am to write, then getting sick for two weeks, and then trying to catch up on things since then I haven’t gotten to my write up.

This was CharCon’s fourth year and it just gets bigger and better every year. This was the first year they went for three days. This was really cool to see it take on another day, though it spread the games out a little bit than in the past and made it seem like there was less games.

 The theme for the year was ‘Pirates vs. Ninjas’ and was used in several games. 


Guests this year included artists Larry Elmore and Billy Tachet.   Along with horror writer Ed Holsclaw, returning for a second year.

Both Larry and Billy had amazing art to look at and sell. A bought this card set Larry did for a European company that had made too many cards, so they gave him a bunch and he was able to sell them cheap and with a nice binder with art from one of the cards on the cover. I got a sketch card from Billy. He’s mainly know for his zombies and other dark art, but I had noticed some of his non zombie art and how good that was so I asked for something without zombies. He gave me a really good dragon. I got Ed’s latest work, I got some of it last year and enjoyed it.  He also gave me a piece of the road that the climatic scene from “Texas Chainsaw Massacare” was shot on.  For what ever reason I liked it.

Games I Ran

Anima card game

Serenity RPG

Maid RPG 

Fuzzy Heroes

Games I Played


Say Anything

Metal, Magic, and Lore

Wits and Wagers game show

Red Dragon Inn

Other Events

Costume Contest

Flea Marktet  

Raffle Drawing


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