Concert in Newark


Last week a attended a concert at the Midland Theater in Newark, Ohio. It’s a classic theater built in 1928 and ran till it was closed in 1978. It had been refurbished and opened again in and since has been providing entertainment and culture to the town of Newark. The show I went to see was part of their Stage Door Cabaret Series sponsored by Huntington Bank. The series features artists performing in an intimate night club atmosphere, with both the performer and the audience on the stage. They set up tables of four for the audience and the performer is off on one of the wings. It was kind of tight with all the seats and tables right next to each other, but still it worked out. There was also a small buffet of cheeses, crackers, and brownies along with a cash bar too; all very fancy. This night’s performer was Emilie Claire Barlow. She’s an award winning jazz singer who has traveled the world performing.

I had heard some of her music online and was really looking forward to the concert. In fact I drove a few hours to see her. She preformed a number of songs, some I had heard and others I hadn’t. The two songs I had really wanted to hear she did. One was “Dream a Little Dream of Me” done in French. I have to agree with her saying that everything sounds more romantic when sung in French. The other song I really wanted to hear was “O Pato (the Duck)” a song about a duck. There’s quacking in it, also done in French. She came back after a break carrying a and a table in front guessing what song she was going to do started quacking. She almost couldn’t start the song she was laughing so much herself.

For her encore she came out and did a skat piece of Ellie Fitzgerald’s. The perfect ending to the show, really helped to wake you up after a couple of slower numbers she had just done. 

Accompanying her that evening was her band. They were a three piece band and were really just as much fun as she was. On guitar was Reg Schwager, who won Canada’s National Jazz Award Guitarist of the Year for four straight years. On sax was Kelly Jefferson, who also co-leads the Jefferson-Grant Quintet. And finally was Ross MacIntyre on bass, who “makes funny faces and dances when he plays and doesn’t always sound like a heard of elephants tripping over themselves” as Emilie. That was a joke that involves the bio he wrote for himself.

Now you may be wondering why on this blog of convention reports, strange pictures, and other nerd/weird stuff I’m talking about a jazz singer. Well I had discovered her because she has done a bunch of voice acting. She’s voiced in Bakugan as Alice, John in Wayside, and her favorite role Courteny in the Total Drama Series. She’s done some other lesser roles as well too. But the big reason I had traveled all that way and was really excited to met was she had been on Sailor Moon. She had played Sailor Mars for episodes 66-82, the last half of Sailor Moon R cause, as she explained, Katie Griffin who had been doing Mars was doing a movie at the time and since they were friends and have the same agent she was able to get the part. Emilie was then Sailor Venus for Sailor Moon S and SuperS, episodes 83-159.

After the concert she was selling CDs and doing signings, I waited in line and was second to last, which was fine by. I bought her CD, the one with “O Pato” and “Dream a Little Dream of Me” on it, then I walked up to her and told her I was a fan of her voice acting espically something she did years ago. That’s when I pulled out my Sailor Mars and Venus cards from the Sailor Moon TCG. I think I floored her and the two twenty-something girls in line behind who were shocked to learn she had worked on Sailor Moon. We talked a little about the show and her work on it along with some things about her other rolls. It was a really cool experience meeting her and those two cards are now the prize of my collection of autographed anime card games.


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