Kyuuka Picnic Review



Kyuuka was a picnic held by Tsubasacon. The point was promote as a sort “reunion” for attendees of Tsubasacon.


The park is a very nice place with several nice places to set up and things to look at, but I felt they got a bad part of it. The location was very out of the way and several of attendees wondered the park for a bit before we discovered it. The logic for choosing this spot was that cosplayers might be embarrased to be out in public in costume, so instead they decided to hide who they are in the back of the park. That’s a negative view of things, but I’m just a negative person.

The event used a gazebo in up on a hill. The first problem with this was the up on a hill part. You had to walk up and down the hill to get around to the parking lot and any flat area for the activities. Add in the heat from the day and it really took it out of you. The gazebo itself wasn’t very good for the event either. It was not big enough to allow to many people in and it had only one small table to put food on.


Everyone had been asked to bring some food to event. In retrospect this was overkill as most of the food wasn’t eaten and was taken home.  There was several nice dishes though.  Several different desserts were provided and drinks were provided.

I brought cocktail sausages cut to look like octopuses, squids, and crabs then cook a little; Naruto rolls, lunch meat, cheese slices, and seaweed wrap in little whirls (it was very gross actually); Usagi Ringo, apples cut to look like rabbits; and some pickled vegetables. I took almost all of it home, except for what I and a friend ate.


There was a series of games were played to win a pass to the con. The games were, to me, jueivinile games. Stuff like ‘Red Light, Green Light’ and ‘Kick the Can.’  I didn’t bother paying any attention any of these, but I’m sure everyone involved had a fun time. 

There was also a cosplay phootshoot for anyone who was in cosplay.  Basically the cosplayers posed and had their picture taken nearby.  There were a few people with their own cameras and one person with the picnic with a camera.  I don’t really understand the point of this scheduled photoshoot.  There wasn’t any special set up for the shoot and I don’t think prints were going to made for any of the cosplayers, so why bother scheduleing the photoshoot.  I beileve they were hoping people would be cosplaying from the same series, but that didn’t happen.  To me it’s just another example of people acting like cospla, and cosplayers, are the most amazing thing in the world.

There was also a raffle to support Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Tri-State Area.  There was several nice items: an autographed Ouran High School Host Club wall scrool, a Haruhi Suziyma statue and pins, Kingdom Hearts bag, a signed FFXIII posters, and a few more items.  There was also a large selection of manga to win.  Three winners were pulled and told they could keep as much manga as they could carry.  I was one of these people.  I was follwed to my car by a group waiting for me to drop something so they could claim it.  I carried 37 volumes to my car without dropping any of them. 

To think I went to this instead of my local gaming store for Free RPG Day.


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