Inaugural Cincinnati Comic Expo

Well I’ve spent some time trying to clear my own head and get back in the mood to start posting on here. Well I’m back now to writing meaningless post on here again.

Well this past Saturday went to the inaugural Cincinnati Comic Expo in Cin……….. well you can figure it out. I drove all the way out in the morning and drove back that night and I feel it was worth it. I’ve also need to compliment their PR rep, cause they were able to get a lot of attention on the show in local magazines and radio shows. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so I didn’t get any pictures this time.

The show was designed to focus on comics; mainstream, small press, and independent. They wanted to veer away from “pop culture shows” some cons have become in the past few years. They had 70 comic creators and 50 vendor tables. Besides just comic and games stores showing up, they had a local Leggo store, the local 501st legion, Underground Video Network, Blue Line Pro art, and a few other such things.

Their featured guests included comic creators from the Golden Age Murphy Anderson, Russ heath, and Allen Bellman; Comic Book Historian and Executive Producer of the 1989 Batman movie Michael Uslan and his son David who also works in the business now too; Archie Comics writer and artist Craig Boldman; plus comic creators and artiests Tony Moore, Steve Scott, Lora Innes, Thom Zahler, Dave Aikins, Dave Michael Beck, Sean Forney, Joe Gentile, and Josh Medors who is suffering from cancer so the con ran a charity auction to help raise money for his treatment.

The whole thing took place in the lobby around the basketball area (the Cintas Center) of Xavier University. I forgot to see if they offered degrees in human/mutant relations. It worked out very well. It made the whole convention floor an U shape. They had guests and vendors aligned on both sides of the wall around. One of the center’s snack bars was open selling food, at the usual prices. The center had plenty of free parking for everyone.  Though the location didn’t really have that many places to get food from near by that I could tell. I didn’t have a long or hard drive to find food, but just not walking distance.

For most of the day it was nearly impossible to get close to any of the comic dealers boxes.  There was people going through them almost the whole time.  Some of the ones in the further back didn’t have as many people and were easier to get to though and by the end of the day it started to thin out.  The artists on the other hand were a little easier to get to.  One would have a swarm at their table at certain times, but for the most part they were easy to get to and talk with.  In particular I got to meet Ricky Henry, Chad Schoettie, Rodney Fyke, Scott Zambelli, and Dustin Carson

Besides the main floor they had use of small room in the back that was split between functioning as a panel room and a gaming room. The gaming portion was run by Yotta Quest and they demoed several board and card games throughout the day. There was also another vendor Art of War in the main hall doing demos of some games. Mostly superhero based miniature ones.

There were a few costumes at the show. Besides all the Star Wars ones from the 501st. The was a Joker and a Harley Quinn of course. I do recall seeing Red Robin, Stephanie Brown Batgirl, a Hulk made to look like one of those toys with a block head and hands, Jubilee, Sora from Kingdom Hearts, and more.

They had a few panels during the day that I unfortunately missed all over. They also held their costume contest and charity auction there. I attended the auction, that start half an hour later than the program guide said it would. It was the last thing of the day and most of the other attendees were heading home, meaning there was not a lot of people there. This meant several nice pieces of art got sold really cheap and some didn’t get any bids. The staff members running also didn’t really know what they were suppose to be doing or to much about every piece up for sell. They were able to make do and it did end up running very well for the small crowd. I personally got an original Archie Comics’ Jughead as Superman by Craig Boldman, Batman and Harley Quinn print by Scott Zambelli, a great pencil of Thor, and a Star War piece of General Grieves. Which brings me to the question, does anyone out there want to buy some art?

They’ve already got a date and location for next year too. The Duke Energy Convention Center in downtown Cincinnati on September 17, 2011. This will give them more room and closer proximity to hotels. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do and who they get next year.

I say this is a good show for any comic fans out there in the area to check out.


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2 Responses to “Inaugural Cincinnati Comic Expo”

  1. Kelly Says:

    It sounds like one of the few cons left that’s still completely dedicated to comics, and not diluted with a bunch of sci-fi and fantasy actors and programming.

  2. Daniel Says:


    You are 100% right. As a vendor, I was very pleased to see a con supporting comic books rather than pop media. My company is very small but due to their concentration on comics, everyone in attendance were very interested in the independent comic scene and we sold quite a few books!

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