My first animes were Voltron (mostly in the form of read along books) and the early anime shown on Nickelodeon in the ’80’s (Little Prince, Nozzles, and others). At some point in his young life I came to a realization that animation and comics from Japan were different, but at that time I never could really learn more about them besides glimpses I saw at comic shops and a few shows on TV (like Giagantor and some Sailor Moon). Eventually Cartoon Network came to town and brought G-Force and then Toonami. The rest is history (hehe). I love all kinds of anime; shonen, shoujo, senien, old school, new stuff it’s all good, as long as it’s dubbed. I’ve built up a collection of manga from recent takobans to old single issue comics and collection magazines from years ago. I’ve worked as staff or volunteered at more cons than I’ve attended as a regular attendee, and most of those I do at least did a panel or two at. I collect anime trading card games, knowing he’ll never really play them, for the sole purpose of getting character cards signed up voice actors (ask him about my Sailor Moon cards). I do one of the best Toonami panels you will ever see (ask him about doing it once with Steve Blum).


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