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Kyuuka Picnic Review

June 30, 2010



Kyuuka was a picnic held by Tsubasacon. The point was promote as a sort “reunion” for attendees of Tsubasacon.


The park is a very nice place with several nice places to set up and things to look at, but I felt they got a bad part of it. The location was very out of the way and several of attendees wondered the park for a bit before we discovered it. The logic for choosing this spot was that cosplayers might be embarrased to be out in public in costume, so instead they decided to hide who they are in the back of the park. That’s a negative view of things, but I’m just a negative person.

The event used a gazebo in up on a hill. The first problem with this was the up on a hill part. You had to walk up and down the hill to get around to the parking lot and any flat area for the activities. Add in the heat from the day and it really took it out of you. The gazebo itself wasn’t very good for the event either. It was not big enough to allow to many people in and it had only one small table to put food on.


Everyone had been asked to bring some food to event. In retrospect this was overkill as most of the food wasn’t eaten and was taken home.  There was several nice dishes though.  Several different desserts were provided and drinks were provided.

I brought cocktail sausages cut to look like octopuses, squids, and crabs then cook a little; Naruto rolls, lunch meat, cheese slices, and seaweed wrap in little whirls (it was very gross actually); Usagi Ringo, apples cut to look like rabbits; and some pickled vegetables. I took almost all of it home, except for what I and a friend ate.


There was a series of games were played to win a pass to the con. The games were, to me, jueivinile games. Stuff like ‘Red Light, Green Light’ and ‘Kick the Can.’  I didn’t bother paying any attention any of these, but I’m sure everyone involved had a fun time. 

There was also a cosplay phootshoot for anyone who was in cosplay.  Basically the cosplayers posed and had their picture taken nearby.  There were a few people with their own cameras and one person with the picnic with a camera.  I don’t really understand the point of this scheduled photoshoot.  There wasn’t any special set up for the shoot and I don’t think prints were going to made for any of the cosplayers, so why bother scheduleing the photoshoot.  I beileve they were hoping people would be cosplaying from the same series, but that didn’t happen.  To me it’s just another example of people acting like cospla, and cosplayers, are the most amazing thing in the world.

There was also a raffle to support Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Tri-State Area.  There was several nice items: an autographed Ouran High School Host Club wall scrool, a Haruhi Suziyma statue and pins, Kingdom Hearts bag, a signed FFXIII posters, and a few more items.  There was also a large selection of manga to win.  Three winners were pulled and told they could keep as much manga as they could carry.  I was one of these people.  I was follwed to my car by a group waiting for me to drop something so they could claim it.  I carried 37 volumes to my car without dropping any of them. 

To think I went to this instead of my local gaming store for Free RPG Day.


Gallery Walk with Beau Smith

May 18, 2010


April 10-17 was the Ohio River Festival of Books which featured several authors at different libraries, schools, and other locations for a week to promote reading, libraries, and other such stuff. I don’t, like a book fair but more so. I attended two different events they held during the week. The first one was a Gallery Walk at the Huntington Museum of Art by comic book writer and collector Beau Smith (pronounced ‘Bo’).

Beau is a native of Huntingon, West Virginia, he know lives in Ceredo, West Virginia. He was a comic book fan from an early age and has never lost his love for them. He got into the comic book industry first by sending in letters to comic book companies that got published in the back of the books and meeting industry people at conventions. From there he got a chance to do some writing in some magazines and then got more jobs and more jobs till he’s been writing freelance for over fifteen years. He’s also worked as marketing and publishing exec for such companies as: Eclipse Comics, Image Comics, McFarlane Toys, and IDW Publishing.

The museum is running an exhibit on comic art which is running through May 30th. Beau is a big collector of comic book art and has a collection of over 90 pieces at home. The museum asked him about exhibiting some of it and he agreed. They selected 36 pieces to use and on April 11 he gave a guided tour of it.

The group who showed up was divested. Small children, old people, Beaus’s family and friends, reporters, comic book fans, people trying to get into the industry, myself, and others. Beau went down each piece and explained the significance of the piece; where it was from, what’s in it, how he got it, and more.

Some of the pieces included:

A Spider-man from his black costume days in which Beau and a friend of his, who was there, were used as models by an artist friend of theirs.

A Superman story featureing Aquaman from 1977 that he bought in 1980 for five dollars. The piece now would be worth over $500.

Some pieces form his work on Guy Gardner Warrior.

Pieces from his early work writing as one page stories for a magazine. In each of them he was able to work in saying something about the local area of Huntington or Ceredo;one of them mentioned ‘Thundering Herd.”

A piece from Judge Parker (I think I can’t remember now) that was drawn by a friend who drew Beau into it with a hat that said “Ceredo” on it.

A piece from his work on the comic book adaption of “24.” This piece was uninked as it was inked and colored on a computer.

A piece from his comic “Wynonna Earp” about Wyatt Earp’s daughter who investigated paranormal activities in the old west. He went into a long discussion about the different threats she faced and the hierarchy that existed with them. It was really interesting to see him just ramble on about this as it was so natural for him, like I feel a true writer should be. 

A piece from Sgt. Rock by Billy Tuci, which he pointed out the detail Tuci goes into getting everything just right. 

Through out the tour he gave information into the workings of the comic industry and how it’s changed over time. He repeatly encourage people to follow through on what they want to do in life and find something they loved and find a way to make it into a career.

At the end he hung around and talked with people.  There were several people who wanted to show him their art and get his opinion on it.  Including a seven year old.  He answered a few questions about different pieces that he hadn’t mentioned before as well.  I waited around and ended up being the last guy to get a picture of him, but it did give me a chance to check out some of the other art they had int he exhibit as well.  All and all very fun and I recommend anyone likes comics and/or art to go check out the collections they before they’re gone.

Concert in Newark

February 27, 2010


Last week a attended a concert at the Midland Theater in Newark, Ohio. It’s a classic theater built in 1928 and ran till it was closed in 1978. It had been refurbished and opened again in and since has been providing entertainment and culture to the town of Newark. The show I went to see was part of their Stage Door Cabaret Series sponsored by Huntington Bank. The series features artists performing in an intimate night club atmosphere, with both the performer and the audience on the stage. They set up tables of four for the audience and the performer is off on one of the wings. It was kind of tight with all the seats and tables right next to each other, but still it worked out. There was also a small buffet of cheeses, crackers, and brownies along with a cash bar too; all very fancy. This night’s performer was Emilie Claire Barlow. She’s an award winning jazz singer who has traveled the world performing.

I had heard some of her music online and was really looking forward to the concert. In fact I drove a few hours to see her. She preformed a number of songs, some I had heard and others I hadn’t. The two songs I had really wanted to hear she did. One was “Dream a Little Dream of Me” done in French. I have to agree with her saying that everything sounds more romantic when sung in French. The other song I really wanted to hear was “O Pato (the Duck)” a song about a duck. There’s quacking in it, also done in French. She came back after a break carrying a and a table in front guessing what song she was going to do started quacking. She almost couldn’t start the song she was laughing so much herself.

For her encore she came out and did a skat piece of Ellie Fitzgerald’s. The perfect ending to the show, really helped to wake you up after a couple of slower numbers she had just done. 

Accompanying her that evening was her band. They were a three piece band and were really just as much fun as she was. On guitar was Reg Schwager, who won Canada’s National Jazz Award Guitarist of the Year for four straight years. On sax was Kelly Jefferson, who also co-leads the Jefferson-Grant Quintet. And finally was Ross MacIntyre on bass, who “makes funny faces and dances when he plays and doesn’t always sound like a heard of elephants tripping over themselves” as Emilie. That was a joke that involves the bio he wrote for himself.

Now you may be wondering why on this blog of convention reports, strange pictures, and other nerd/weird stuff I’m talking about a jazz singer. Well I had discovered her because she has done a bunch of voice acting. She’s voiced in Bakugan as Alice, John in Wayside, and her favorite role Courteny in the Total Drama Series. She’s done some other lesser roles as well too. But the big reason I had traveled all that way and was really excited to met was she had been on Sailor Moon. She had played Sailor Mars for episodes 66-82, the last half of Sailor Moon R cause, as she explained, Katie Griffin who had been doing Mars was doing a movie at the time and since they were friends and have the same agent she was able to get the part. Emilie was then Sailor Venus for Sailor Moon S and SuperS, episodes 83-159.

After the concert she was selling CDs and doing signings, I waited in line and was second to last, which was fine by. I bought her CD, the one with “O Pato” and “Dream a Little Dream of Me” on it, then I walked up to her and told her I was a fan of her voice acting espically something she did years ago. That’s when I pulled out my Sailor Mars and Venus cards from the Sailor Moon TCG. I think I floored her and the two twenty-something girls in line behind who were shocked to learn she had worked on Sailor Moon. We talked a little about the show and her work on it along with some things about her other rolls. It was a really cool experience meeting her and those two cards are now the prize of my collection of autographed anime card games.