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A&G Ohio 2010

March 31, 2010


For the thrid year in a row I’ve gone to A&G Ohio.  Spent the weekend with a sore back and leg though which cut down on my fun and willingness to do things though. 

A&G had done some really great things for their attendees this year.  Like arrange for free breakfast for whoever stayed at the hotel and cheap lunch and dinner food at the hotel’s restaurant.  Once again they were also very good about getting their schedule out early. 

Panels and Atrium

The con had a panel room and a raised area in the lobby where they did panels.  Putting panels in the atrium had some merit but mostly didn’t work out for the most part.  On one hand it allowed a lot of people to be there and let people check out what was going on easier than in a regular one.  On the other hand there were a lot of distractions of doing it there in the open with everyone going around and the fountain behind you.  There was another room that was barely used too which they could have done a few more things in it. 

There was also lounge room.  Which was several round tables set out for people to relax in.  They had a couple of games in there to play.  I think Apples to Apples was played almost constantly in the room.  They also had popcorn and cotton for sale in there.  The panel room got moved into here on Saturday night cause the panel room AC was out which worked for a few things.  This was a good idea and I’d like to see it back, but it didn’t get used as well as it could have since they had only decided to do it at the last second. 

Vendors Room/Artist Alley

Vendors room was smaller than last year, but had a nice feel to it without for the most part being to cramp. Though there was only one small path into the back and it was blocked most of the weekend which meant when I saw it I’d turned around and headed back out. I got to do all the looking around I wanted and got the things I wanted, it just could have been done a little better maybe.

They also, and I’m shocked to find myself saying this when compared to most other vendor rooms in most other cons, too many anime and manga dealers. Now I really buy most of my anime and manga at cons and it’s what I’m most interested in getting at cons so I like to see a few, but I also like to see other dealers too. I couldn’t really name you what else I’d like to have seen, except maybe more gaming both video and table top, but I’m sure others could suggest things.

Artist Alley had a several cool artists.  Including someone who worked in metal.  Though there were a few artists who didn’t show it was all very nice.  They had a few of the artists up on the atrium which helped to prevent the walkways from being to crowded.  I do have to say it wasn’t to bad to walk by the artist, not much of a jam. 


They had a great guests list, but it was not utilized very well.  By this I mean there were guests who didn’t, as far as I know, didn’t do any panels or in fact anything. 

There VA guests were Chris Patton, Troy Baker, and D.C. Douglas.  Patton and Baker had both been in anime series that I’ve really like, but Douglas has really just done video games none of which I’ve played.  They were all really great though. 

I attended both Patton and Baker’s  personal panels.  Patton did one called “Chris Patton Shares too Much” where you could ask him any question and he would answer them.  He really did share too much and I am now scared for life.  Though I was already scared so it’s not a big deal.  Baker’s panel was about video games and though I’m not as big a video game player as most of other people it was really cool to see him and other people talk about stuff they were passionate about.  I’ll always remember that panel as the one where the firm alarm went off and we had to exit the building, where we kept talking till we could go back in and continued the panel. 

They had the head of a small game company at the con, this is the one who I don’t know if he did anything.  They had the creator of rebuilt semi to look like the Decepticon Motormaster there to look at.  It was cool to go look at and take pics of and I got to talk to him a little, though at least one Q&A of how he did it would have been nice.  Also of note was that they washed it Friday before the con which cause it to rain the next two days. 

I think the con needs to work on figuring out things to have guests to do and not just expect them or attendees to come up with ideas. 

Music Acts

The big music act I really loved was the nerdcore show with Dualcore,  Shammers, and Lefthand on Saturday.  I had meet Dualcore before at LANville and really like his stuff.  When I saw him at the con he remember me from before and he was happy to see me.  I think he just liked seeing a familiar face.  I hung out with him on and off during the weekend and help with his table of goods to sell.  This was my first time see Shammers and Lefthand, but I’m a fan now too.  They’re a lot of fun to watch and listen too. 

This was the third time being at a con with the Protomen, but only the first time I’ve bothered to go to one of their shows.  They do a Mega Man rock opera that has many die-hard fans.  I sat in the back and listen for a while before Troy Baker’s panel.  I liked what I heard, but since this was Act II on Saturday I don’t think I completely got it.  I need to hear them all the way through at once to really make up my mind, but they are of interest now. 

Gavin Goszka felt sorry for.  He’s talented and does some great music, but all his performances were in the atrium.  Now he played more slow and calming songs so it was nice background music to have in the lobby, but he didn’t really get to show himself off and have a captive audience.  He had a performance on each day and personally I think they should have at least on one day moved him into the lounge for better atmosphere. 

Video Game Rooms

They had three video game rooms and lot’s of systems. The rooms had the usually fare of fighting, FPS, racing, and music games kind of games you have. They do bring in several old school systems and had a game called Mugen projected onto a wall to play. My one really problem was having Rock Band in the one room I played in. So much noisier than that other two.

I actual played in the video game room. I got to try out Dynasty Warriors Gundam. I’m a big Koei games fan and had been wanting to check out this series.

I though there was suppose to be a Golden Eye for the N64 tournament, but never saw any signs for it. Of course I didn’t ask either so it’s really my fault.


Most Common Series Cosplay: Axis Power Hetalia (I think anyways, I don’t really know a lot about that series)

Common Cosplay (thought there was not very many of anyone series like other cons): Bleach, FMA, Kingdom Hearts, Mega Man, Final Fantasy

Personal Faves: Roya and Elemda from Kiba, Cowboy Beebop group, Quailman from Doug, Piccolo from DBZ, and two Eikos from Final Fantasy IX

With my sore back and seeing the same characters over and over again I found myself not takeing as many pictures as usually.  I just couldn’t bring myself to raise my camera up to get yet another picture of Naruto or Cloud.  Also chasing down the good ones just seemed like to much work, so I missed a few I had wanted pictures of.

Final Thoughts

A&G Ohio has an idea of what it wants to be.  It has a feel to it and a style that they try to capture and for the most part do.  They try to be different and do their own thing which is something I respect and like about them.  It’s just that it’s not the kind of thing I really want out of a con.

They’re very big on parties and party like atmosphere.  They’re very open with what all they’ll cover and like silly events.  Not my kind of thing, but I know a lot of people who like that kind of thing, so if you like cons for the big get together and fun things to do kind of feel this might be the con for you.


Charcon Review

November 30, 2009

I went to the local gaming con, CharCon, back on the of October, but with how slow I am to write, then getting sick for two weeks, and then trying to catch up on things since then I haven’t gotten to my write up.

This was CharCon’s fourth year and it just gets bigger and better every year. This was the first year they went for three days. This was really cool to see it take on another day, though it spread the games out a little bit than in the past and made it seem like there was less games.

 The theme for the year was ‘Pirates vs. Ninjas’ and was used in several games. 


Guests this year included artists Larry Elmore and Billy Tachet.   Along with horror writer Ed Holsclaw, returning for a second year.

Both Larry and Billy had amazing art to look at and sell. A bought this card set Larry did for a European company that had made too many cards, so they gave him a bunch and he was able to sell them cheap and with a nice binder with art from one of the cards on the cover. I got a sketch card from Billy. He’s mainly know for his zombies and other dark art, but I had noticed some of his non zombie art and how good that was so I asked for something without zombies. He gave me a really good dragon. I got Ed’s latest work, I got some of it last year and enjoyed it.  He also gave me a piece of the road that the climatic scene from “Texas Chainsaw Massacare” was shot on.  For what ever reason I liked it.

Games I Ran

Anima card game

Serenity RPG

Maid RPG 

Fuzzy Heroes

Games I Played


Say Anything

Metal, Magic, and Lore

Wits and Wagers game show

Red Dragon Inn

Other Events

Costume Contest

Flea Marktet  

Raffle Drawing

Gaming Resolutions for the Coming Year

January 12, 2009

I’ve decided to join the RPG Blog Carnival this month. A blog carnival is where bloggers work on the same theme or topic for a month and share them with each other. This month’s topic is from UncleBear, and he’s selected New Year Gaming Goals and Resolutions. So here are my gaming goals for this coming year.

    Gaming Resolutions for the New Year


1. Work on creating my own system

I’ve had an idea for a dual class based system set in a medieval style land that encourages you to role play your character and develop him as a person not just some one to fight. My idea is the rules aren’t forcing you to flush out your character as a whole, just has some optional rules to help you do that and does stuff to makes it so isn’t a hindrance to you. I’m also trying to figure out the magic system where each of the magic classes are based on a different element.

I’ve got some work done on it, but still needs a lot more. I really hope this might be the one system I actual finish. All my previous attempts just kind of drop off.

2. Get to go to more conventions. I haven’t been to before

Of been to a number of conventions over the past few years. Though most of them have been anime. The only gaming ones I’ve been to have been Charcon and Origins. I want to get out and go to more. Meet new people, try new games, buy stuff I can’t find, and stuff like that. I already have a few in mind so I’ll have to see what I can make it to.

3. Write some game reviews for this blog.

One of my goals for this blog is to right reviews on stuff. I figure it will mostly be conventions, with some anime and manga through in, but I also want to review games. Mostly anime inspired or related ones. To kind of show them off to other people.

4. Game more

With my work schedule I don’t get to have much time to myself. It’s reason I haven’t gotten to post to much this blog just yet. Hopefully when work clears up I can do more gaming and post more on here. I need to get into a group that plays. I know a few around where I live, but I haven’t been able to join them for most of their gameing. I going to have to start looking for a group on my own I guess. If I get to more cons I can play more there, but I want a regular crew to game with.

5. Read the rules for the games I have on my computer

I have a somewhat large collection of free rpgs and modules on my computer. Most of them I haven’t read or just skimmed through, I really need to sit down and go through them.  See what’s worth keeping and what’s not. 

Well there are my goals. Come this December I’ll let you know how I faired.

If you want to join the carnival all you have to do is make a post about this month’s theme, then leave a comment of the started post for the month (here), with a link back to your own. At the end of the month the host will write a round up of all the post and then someone else will pick a topic for the next month. That’s all.